vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Weekend flowers / winter flowers

 Cornus alba sibirica variegata

Cornus Alba Sibirica or also known as dog wood is a fast and upright growing, deciduous hedge. It as brilliant bright red winter shoots and dark green leaves which turn red in the autumn. It bears White flowers from April to June which are followed by white berries, often tinged blue in July.

 Like most other Cornus plants, Cornus Alba Sibirica will grow in pretty much any soil type although it does particularly like wet conditions. It can be grown in exposed areas and where there is full sun or even part shade and all in all id fairly low maintenance to care for. It is good for autumn colour with its bright red stems in the winter and makes a good low barrier or if left to grow to its full height a good screen.


10 comentarii:

  1. Vai vai vai, ce frumuseti! Iedera este minunata :)

  2. Beautiful leaves. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Frumoase plante! Culorile frunzelor sunt foarte vii, imi plac. :)

    1. Şi mie!
      Sunt foarte multe plante delicate, frumos mirositoare etc. pe care nici nu le băgăm în seamă...

  4. Lovely photos of colourful leaves. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Sunt foarte frumoase plantele selectate de tine pentru aceasta postare. Cele cu frunza rosie, din a doua fotografie, seamana cu un tufis pe care il aveam in fata blocului, cand eram copil. Poate stii si tu frunzele pe care le frecai in palme si care provocau usturime pe obraz. ;)